Swanwick and Pentrich Churches
- St Andrew and St Matthew -


Most people pray at some time in their lives, believe it or not in 2005 a UK survey found that 44% pray once a week or more, 13% less than monthly and 8% once a year.

In one way, prayer is natural. It is the communication, spoken or unspoken, that builds the relationship between ourselves and God. But it can also be difficult because it’s overawing to come into the presence of the living God, and often we find it hard to know

what to pray. Also, being human, we are too easily distracted from being still in God's presence. It has been said that ‘when you can’t put your prayers into words, God hears your heart.’

If you struggle with prayer you’re not alone, and it can help to have a structured way or time set aside. This time of stillness can then affect the rest of what we do.

Links to sites which might help you to pray:

An Invitation to Prayer, praying together for peace, justice and reconciliation

Northumbria Community Daily Prayer

Ways of praying

Morning and Evening Prayer

Prayer Diary

At St Andrew's and St Matthew's In July and August we have focussed on prayer in our preaching and have issued a prayer diary, which is being used by members of our churches as we pray for our church and our village.

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