Swanwick and Pentrich Churches
- St Andrew and St Matthew -

Learning More About God

Becoming a Christian and accepting Jesus into your life isn’t the end of finding out more about God, quite often it’s just the beginning. Christians continue learning throughout their lives and no matter how long you have been a Christian you will never know it all until you come face to face with God on the day of resurrection.

If you want to continue to find out more you could:

Explore the Christian life by personal reading or study, maybe look at the following

After Sunday

RE Jesus


maybe you would like to read
Tom Wright: Simply Christian ISBN: 9780281054817 (SPCK)
John Stott: Christian Basics: An Invitation to Discipleship ISBN 9781854246295


you could sign up for an online discipleship course such as Foundations 21


join a local group such as Alpha  or Emmaus

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