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Posted by Angela Duffy on 18/10/2016

My grandma, Jessie Horsley was historically the verger at the church. Whilst I live in Nottinghamshire, I like to visit the church throughout the year and attend services when I am able to. Please can you advise me of the date of the civic Christmas service this year (2016) please as I would very much wish to attend with my mum. Many thanks, Angela.

Posted by Brian Kirkland on 28/01/2016   Email

Hi Wendy - well done! Just one thing when I enter 'The christian life' sub headings I get through to the editing tools. Nicely updated - I bet other people wish their web sites ere as up to date. A delighted visitor

Posted by Barbara Moore watson on 18/10/2015

My great grandfather was Christened in your church a long time ago. On the 70's my parents came to your church and looked up his records.

Posted by David Brown on 11/01/2014   Email

Interesting site, well done. Kind Regards, David Brown.

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