Swanwick and Pentrich Churches
- St Andrew and St Matthew -

What do Christians Believe?

There are three main things which Christians beleive:

  • That there's a God who created all things
  • That he touched this planet in a special way 2000 years ago when he sent his son, Jesus, into this world on the first Christmas Day (the incarnation)
  • That Jesus Christ died on the cross and was raised to life again after 3 days (the resurrection).
Christians understand God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Father - God created each one of us and loves every human being as God's beloved child.

Son - God revealed himself in the historical person of Jesus and it's through his life, death and resurrection that we know and love God, and make sense of life, before and after death.

Holy Spirit – Jesus told his disciples that he wouldn’t leave them alone and that when he went away another helper would come to them. This helper is God’s Holy Spirit who is al
ive, loving and active today.

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